The software debate

Hi all, as it seems we are all waiting for news on shipping, I wanted to start a discussion on which software you typically install on a new laptop directly. So what I mean by this is a basic overview of most trusted softwares you think are essential and that you have grown to use for each new laptop. Examples here are favourite video players, antivirus programs, but also system software (if any), overclocking software recommendations, software for screen settings, fan control (if any exist for laptops), etc. etc. Youtubers like Dave2D have done good overviews, but I would be interested to hear your opinions of what you are going to be throwing on your brand new FW16 ;).

Here a first list from my side (looking forward to better ones):

VLC Player
Antivir Antivirus
Intel XTU (once mainboards are out like with FW13) or another?
MSI Afterburner / in my case Zotac Firestorm

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erm… who wants to tell him?

  • Microsoft PowerToys (for Windows systems)
  • Vivaldi browser

Actually - none of all these.
Because I use Linux - I would install the KDE entire plasma desktop, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, LaTeX and Kdenlive + Handbreak, and for development, Emacs (yeah, I don’t like vi :wink: ) :slight_smile:
That would be about it.
No need for any crappy Antivirus need huge amounts of cpu and memory resources just for nothing.


Haha, that’s actually the one I haven’t used for many years. Back in the day I used to undervolt, but then realised I don’t need it, and that it’s a bit useless overall. But just to try to get any substance - what do you think is wrong with it, and do you have a better one? I mainly used it to see some specs back in the day.

PS: by writing “looking forward to better ones” in the intro I think I made clear enough I am not promoting anything here :wink:

Makes sense. Windows user here, but the thread is for everyone ;).

I’m guessing it has something to do with the FW16 being an AMD only machine in the first iteration…


No idea - never had AMD before. What I knew is that I think part of the functions are not available when using a notebook. But if Intel really made a software that only works with Intel - then wow, these guys are right where they are supposed to be ;). I am happy MSI afterburner works with non-MSI products… ;). In any case, I hope you get the question: what would be a good software then?

Kinda makes sense that intel makes software to do intel speciffic tuning, ryzen master doesn’t do all that much on intel chips either XD.

Also in the case of amd most of the functionality of afterburner is integrated in the driver.

Yes, of course. I literally didn’t know what ryzen master was until a couple of minutes ago. Just always feel a bit sad when companies limit software, but hey, that’s how it is.

Is it limiting though?

They do similar things in quite different ways. If you want a solution that kinda works for both you are more looking t something like throttle-stop.

Intel and amd do their thing quite differently even if it may look kinda similar at times.

Thanks for this. As you may have gathered - I am not someone who has paid a lot of attention to these kind of softwares - just asking what is a good one. So I will look into throttlestop as well.

I’m a Fedora (GNOME) user, so my software list is a bit different. My “immediate install” software list is as follows:

  • GNOME Tweaks
  • Extension Manager
  • Flatseal
  • Firefox Flatpak + GNOME Firefox Theme
  • Geary / GNOME Mail
  • Steam
  • Neovim
  • Godot 3 (Flatpak)
  • Flatpak LibreOffice
  • Authenticator
  • Krita (drawing program)
  • Mission Center (Windows-like system monitor)
  • VLC
  • Wike (Wikipedia)

This is all for Rust, game dev, and some gaming :wink: My plan is to retire my desktop to be a home server and use the Framework 16 as my main machine.


Throttlestop is kind of a mixed bag, if you really want a solution that kinda works with both go for it. Personally I’d just go with xtu for intel and ryzen master for amd.

This of course also kinda depends on what you do with them.

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Just to look at system specs and maybe undervolt (if possible/useful).

Yeah undervolting got killed, quite sad.

I thought so… (in any case, my experience with AMD is one desktop graphics card 10 years ago, and never a CPU… for no specific reason).

In any case, I am really not a fan of Apple because of incompatibility. And I guess I still have some mad hope that other companies stick together at least a bit. It makes sense Intel doesn’t allow to run it on AMD hardware and vice versa (god forbid you could check your CPU temps with another brand) - but I am always truly relieved when I see the opposite…

It’s not a case of allow, they just didn’t also implement the other manufacturers stuff. Reading temperatures isn’t really the main feature of xtu, you can do that with a lot of other tools. It’s mainly to mess with low level cpu settings like power-limit, boost settings, temp limits, undervolting while that was a thing and stuff like that. How all of that is done is quit manufacturer speciffic.

I get it, but still a shame you can’t use it at all, not even for basics. In any case, I am still celebrating AMD for making FSR3 available for team green cards - so hope this spirit continues on other levels.

There is stuff doing the “basics” a lot better for both than xtu, you gt xtu to mess with cpu settings. If you wanna look at stuff use hwinfo or something like that.

That is indeed nice, intel also made their up-sampling thing cross platform. Don’t think that’s really comparable to xtu though.