11th gen will not turn on when on battery

I have a first gen framework laptop all original i5-1135G7 16gigs of 2400mhz ram crucial 1TB SSD for a while now if I try to turn on the laptop when unplugged even if it is at 100% charge it will not turn on but if I plug it in it turns on and I am able to use it when I unplug it has anyone seen this before?

Sounds potentially like the issue that can be found [here] on the forums(Rework Instructions for 11th Gen Mainboards to enable powering the RTC circuit from the main battery)


Thank you, I tried searching the issue but was unable to find anyone with a similar issue, I am glad I am not the only one and will look more into the article

I’m having exactly the same issue.
Just receive my intel gen 11 framework laptop a month ago, and now I’m having this issue. If it is turned off or sleep for a few hours, I have to plug in the charger to turn it on, otherwise the power button won’t do anything. Also the boot time is very long, seems the mainboard is doing reinititialisation stuff.
What can I do now? should I try to reinstall/change the RTC battery? or it would be better to install the RTC Battery Substitution module?

The RTC substitution is a permanent fix but if you are not experienced with surface-mount soldering, I would recommend not going down that route and instead requesting a replacement RTC battery.