144Hz display option request

I understand that this may be a niche request, but I (and I’m sure there are more of us out there) would very much like to have the option of a 1080p 144Hz display on either of the Framework laptops. I don’t even want it to have a dGPU. It could have one, but I would also like to have the option on the iGPU-only models too. My eyes just can’t look at a 60Hz screen anymore. I’ve been looking into getting a ThinkPad and doing a 144Hz screen mod, but I would much rather support Framework. Is this something that could realistically be considered down the line for y’all?


Don’t see why this would be a no-go, we’re already seeing 120hz screens of similar (if not the same) size on the most recent Microsoft Surface laptop.


May not be a great option in my opinion. First and foremost it would drain the battery significantly faster. Also if this would be for gaming, the 3:2 aspect ratio would usually not be desirable anyway. But that’s just me.

I think 120Hz would probably be more acceptable from a battery life standpoint. And is noticeably smoother than 60Hz.


I would love to see a 144/120Hz option. Not for gaming but simply for reading, general smothness and videos. With 120/144Hz you have way less motion blur, you can slowly scroll down a page. With 60Hz any text becomes almost unredable even when you slowly move down a page. You can also notice the general smothness everytime you you drag a window around or simply scroll down a page. Another nice thing about 120Hz is that you can watch 24/30/60Hz videos without any jitter.

You can always go back to 60Hz temporarly when you are worried about you battery life

Not sure if there is such an significant impact on battery life from 120Hz to 144Hz. Still 120Hz is better for watching 30/60Hz videos without jitter