120/144Hz display?

I know this isn’t an gaming oriented laptop but higher refresh rates for displays arn’t just useful for gaming. I personally find the reduced amount of motion blur and general more fluent motion great even for things like reading since i like scrolling down slowly while reading. The framework laptop has a rather bad pixel response time meaning lots of motion blur. With 60Hz displays text becomes barely readable even with the slightes movement. The differens is also noticable from simply draging a window around. It would also be great for everyone that likes playing performancewise lite games like eSport games or many indie games.

The obvious issue with this idea is weather or not a 120Hz panel in the 3:2 aspect ration even exists, because the only one i’ve found is a 165Hz display from a 17.3" laptop so far. I also wouldn’t want a display with a too low brightness, sRGB coverage or too much backlight bleeding. The higher refresh rate shouldn’t come at the cost of other specs. If it isn’t possible to get one for the 13.5" model then maybe it could be possible for a theoretical future ~15" model. There are plenty of displays in the 16:10 spect ration with 120Hz+ and some good specs on paper, especially for 16" displays.


I would definitely buy a high refresh rate panel, touch or non-touch in the future as an upgrade.


Yes, I want a 120hz display for smoother GUI/scrolling and for watching media at different frame rates (24, 30, 60) with no judder or 3:2 pulldown problems. Plus tons of older games can benefit from it too.


+1; higher refresh rate would be awesome


Yep. My refresh rate floor is 75. I can’t do anything lower than that. I think 90 would be just fine (I mean, it’s what’s used on the iPhones, and they’re nothing if they don’t pride themselves on their screens) while not being as power-hungry as 144, and would make the Framework a much snappier, more responsive feeling computer. I’ve recently switched from a CRT on my desktop to a handed-down VX238H for weight concerns on this temporary plastic folding desk and it’s awful, makes the whole system feel 10 years older than it is even on a lightweight desktop like TDE.