Maybe have a high refresh rate on the screen?

PLEASE PLEASE, make a 120 Hertz screen for this. It make everyone’s Experience while using the laptop and improves any kind of screen spikes.


Welcome to the forum, but please don’t drag me into this everyone, I’m fine :slight_smile:

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Feel free to drag me into this, +1 to a 120Hz screen on the 13.


A higher refresh rate screen is the main thing I’ve been missing in my move to the framework, so I’d love to see an option for that in the future. Although, I feel like this’d be a ways off if they do decide to make one.

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It would be cool as long as its variable refresh rate for longer battery life


Yep. I almost didn’t buy the FW13 strictly because the lack of a high refresh rate panel. The latest matte panel is great but I can’t get over the 60HZ. I need higher!

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Please offer a user up-gradable 13" panel supporting 120hz, I’d gladly pay for it and also mail you back the original 60hz matte panel so it could be re-used in refurb systems or re-sold to people for spares / upgrades!

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I will say that the 165 Hz panel in the Framework 16” is VERY welcomed. But in a 13”, as nice as it sounds, I don’t know how large the impact on battery draw would be.

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I’d much prefer a 90hz OLED to a 120hz+ screen of any other type. Samsung has been selling a 14" 2880x1800 90hz OLED for two years so I imagine it wouldn’t be crazy expensive for FW to source.

The refresh rate itself doesn’t matter, your screen trying to update the image 120 times a second is pointless if the pixels cant actually change colour in time to show the changes, and FAR too many mobile panels simply cannot match their refresh rate.

Hell, the FW16 has a Rise+Fall time of 9ms which means 1000/9=111hz actual refresh rate. Sure, the pixels refresh 165 times but the colours you’re being shown end up being somewhere between the start colour and the desired colour in some of the frames.

With high framerate you’re trying to get rid of image persistence. OLED’s have an instant response time and a 90hz OLED just feels better than any 120hz.

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yeah more display options of various resolution + refresh-rate combos would be nice…

  • 1920x1200 75/144/240hz
  • 2560x1600 60/90/144hz
  • 3840x2400 60hz
  • glossy/matte/privacy filter options

4K would be more optimal if the display on the Framework 16 can be upgraded to 17 inches and if a 94Wh battery (10% larger like on the Framework 13.5) and/or extra 45Wh expansion bay battery were offered as well.

Then we have the possibility of some insane AMD APUs and more energy efficient Zen 4c CPUs coming next year. Just imagine integrated graphics having 30% more grunt than the RX 7700S being offered right now with a 30% reduction (180W >> 126W) in total system power draw or 50W+ of headroom that could be allocated to storage, mini dev boards, accelerator cards, and other specialty hardware that can be mounted in the expansion bay or on the keyboard deck.

It’s not that expensive but it is slightly too big for the 13 and way too small for the 16. Additionally, it needs to be powered differently and has a different pinout than regular lcd panels.

Putting a slightly smaller version of it into the 13 would be amazing though once one shows up.

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I’m really hoping now that they’ve sourced a decent panel for the 16, they could do the same for the 13.

My personal wishlist for a nice display upgrade

  • 90hz or above with variable refresh rate (120/144 is a good sweet spot)
  • Low persistance
  • HDR support
  • OLED (probably not gonna happen, but who knows)

Didn’t read the TAG as it refers to the 13"

So the following is a bit off

variable refresh rate up to 165Hz,

if you read the specs at

But if you read the tag of this discussion … ahah just kidding :rofl:

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Hopefully responding to this older thread is okay, but I would also like to put my hand up for a higher refresh rate display option for the Framework 13. It is definitely one of the things I miss from my previous device.

Yep, wanted to give my +1 to higher fresh screen. Ideally 120hz option to match the new dell monitor ultrasharps that have been announced.

Not that I’m really trying to game on this, but man, I didn’t know they still made displays with this level of ghosting.

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When the upgrade finally does become available i’m jumping on it. I dont mind the display for just casual day to day use or for writing. However it be nice to have a 120hz option. I’m sure it will come eventually.