15", OLED, DDR5, AMD/Intel/ARM, GPU


  • 15" OLED display (ideally non-reflective)
  • AMD/Intel/ARM based board, whichever is better performing by that time
  • Dedicated GPU for even better performance
  • DDR5 memory and board architecture

If this would become reality in the next 2 years, I would stop looking through various configurations from HP and other brands.

So far have been running 7 year old HP Probook which can still perform for a bit more. Will I get new HP? Would prefer this brand if this configuration will be available by that time.

Toes crossed. Thank you!


I literally created an account to say I support this! I would love to see a 15" frame created where everything can drop in place. When the time comes replace with the next better mainboard. Wash, rinse and repeat.

  • 15" Display - Wouldn’t matter what kind as you’d be able to replace it.
  • AMD Mainboard options - AMD/Intel will be the defacto.
  • ARM/RISC-V - An eventuality, I do not see a lot of time and effort being placed on these though
  • Dedicated GPU - Explained further down.
  • DDR5 memory and board architecture - Not a must but an eventuality

As it stands, the current well… everything… about the current Framework machine(because the board can be used outside the laptop) should make this even easier. While the OP mentioned a dedicated GPU. I think that would be the hardest part of the whole thing, unless soldered to the board like the CPU.

Other option would be a thunderbolt/pcie extension to another part of the machine where you can connect a daughterboard for additional storage, mxm card, etc… I would totally be interested in seeing if an MXM slot would be able to go into a 15" though I think the hardest part would be figuring out the cooling mechanism.

Overall, I feel that Framework will become THE framework for the future of mods and addition mechanisms.


I would love it if you provided an upgrade path for current 13" owners to upgrade to 15".



Yes, by dedicated GPU I meant one that is soldered to the board as we normally have these days.
Or if the next versions of integrated graphics perform as good as a separate chip… fine with that as well :slight_smile:

Overall will wait for 15" frame and then we’ll see what components can be swapped over time.
DDR5 would be nice from start as it’s a whole new architecture and one would have to replace the whole board and RAM sticks. Since it’s just becoming to consumer market, best to wait a bit and go have the new standard instead grabbing a DDR4 at the end of it’s life cycle. I did that with DDR3 back in 2014, right before DDR4 came popular, so have missed out on it over 7 years now.


I think that would be a logistical nightmare, and I can’t imagine them offering to have people send their smaller laptops back for a discount on bigger laptops. If they do offer something like that, though, it would be incredible.

We would be better off not soldering to the board. Modular would be best marketed considering what the Framework laptop is supposed to be. IMO that would be working backwards, however the issue would be what GPU manufacturers would support it. I would totally be down for buying it though as long as I could replace it.