I'd love to see a Framework Laptop 13 display with the features of the Framework Laptop 16 display

Sadly, I’m returning my batch 3 Framework Laptop 16 because the rear stand digs into my legs. I’m considering the Framework 13 to replace it. One of the things I’m going to miss the most the vibrant, wide color gamut of the display. I’d love to see a wide color gamut 500 nit display for the 13 inch as well.


If you’re already at it, make it 120+Hz as well!


90+Hz oled please XD


That’d work quite well, too. Not sure if there’s a 2:3 13" OLED out there, ready to be used.

There isn’t to my knowledge, the ones I know of are either just a teeny bit too big or way too small, I am not too attached to the 2:3 aspect ratio but I do not want huge bezels either.

If there was one I’d probably already be in the process of modding it in XD

As someone with a Pixel 7 (90Hz display), Deck OLED (90Hz), and some LG 144Hz desktop monitor, I agree with a faster refresh panel. I’m not entirely sold on the longevity of OLED especially since my 13 tends to not sleep as consistently as it should…so LCD is fine as long as it’s high refresh but I wouldn’t complain at a high refresh OLED panel. This is my slowest display and my eyes can absolutely tell.

Such wants for OLED


A display upgrade for the 13" would be great.
I totally believe that many owners of 13" would upgrade, and new customers would pay a bit more for that.
I somehow even assumed that there will be an upgrade in the future, but understandable that the 16" has now priority.
But I guess that they are already thinking about that and they might introduce it with the next CPU upgrade which provides even more graphics power.

Christmas 2024 or easter 2025 maybe ? =).

It does require someone making a better panel in this size which afaik isn’t a thing right now.

I do kinda wish the 13 was slightly bigger for the exact reason of much bigger display selection but it is what it is. As soon as a somewhat right sized oled becomes available I’ll bully that sucker in there XD.