3:2 display for next 16" version

do consider. I have a Huawei Matebook 16 and I very much love its aspect ratio, it is very pleasant. maybe could be an option but if no option then just be it, really I think it’s a much better sweet spot than 16:10

How’s that going to work? The chassis dimensions are already set…

I said for the next version. it does seem difficult for it to be an option because you’d need a differently sized bottom part of the chassis indeed if you picked one or the other.

so then not as an option. just 3:2. and just floating this idea around. it really is a very sweet spot, fits photography perfectly, gives enough extra vertical lines of code without feeling squarey and the 16:9 letterbox for video consumption isn’t much honestly

What next version?

The point of framework is you keep the chassis and upgrade the internals, repair and replace the other parts as required.

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Yes, however in the current chassis there is a significant bezel below the screen.

A taller screen with reduced bottom bezel could potentially be used in the current chassis without major changes.

Interestingly the Matebook 16’s display is made by BOE, the same supplier as all the displays Framework has used.

Unfortunately the Matebook 16’s display is a significant downgrade in most specs (brightness, refresh rate, response time, etc) and is 0.26" narrower, which is a lot of compromised for a display that is only 0.4" taller.

I think that a 16.3" 3:2 display could probably be used. That would be the same width but half an inch taller than the current display. Unfortunately those don’t currently exist so Framework would likely need a fully custom display developed just for them, which is likely cost prohibitively expensive for a company the size of Framework.

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I’d think there would be a chassis revision at some point. Could be another chassis option I guess.

indeed, it would be unfortunate to take a hit on the refresh rate and brightness. hopefully BOE comes up with an all around better ~16" 3:2 panel soon mass produced

At some point, but could be a decade away. At which point who is to say that the current preferred screen configuration is?

mate, I’m just floating an idea around expressing the reasons I think it’s a better aspect ratio overall but I’m not imposing it on anyone, don’t get so negative about it

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I ain’t getting negative about it. Just trying to make you aware that your expectations are unrealistic at the current time.

Unfortunately that amount of bezel is not just open and available space. On the Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive - Display you can see that the bezel space below the screen is there for mounting the panel, including specific mounting spots for screws, as well as the hinges. So in the best case you might be able to squeeze in a slightly taller screen if you ordered an entire new top case with different mounting points, but you aren’t looking at 4:3.

Maybe they will release something like a 14 or 15 inch 4:3 notebook in the future, but I wouldn’t expect to see 4:3 coming to the current or next Framework 16 because my guess is they would want to avoid naming confusion and maintain a parts/repairability pipeline.