360 foldable frame

is a 360 ° foldable frame possible in the future ? Coupled with a touch screen and a stylus it could make a good solution for drawing.


Second this idea. Since I went touchscreen I don’t want to go back


same here. Would anyone know whether the video cable ribbon of the mainboard allows this in the future?


We did design the connector on the mainboard to allow for future touchsceen displays, but we don’t currently have one on the roadmap.


Every device has something I personaly don’t like. And now I met the Framework Laptop and the other devices get into trouble. The possibility of buying this year a intel notebook and maybe change the mainboard in 2 years to a fanless arm mainboard is great. But a 360° foldable frame with touchscreen is my personal last thing I would miss.

So maybe there will be a touchscreen, but will it then possible to have a 360° foldable frame? Or is the base limit the foldable to 180°


Absolutely yes - i have been telling people around me that, given a 360 hinge and a touch display (i’d even forego the pen, though support for one of those would be amazing), i will be slapping an order in immediately. Right now my daily driver is an XPS 13 2-in-1, and… well, let’s just say that it got annoying enough i wrote a blog post about why i bought another one of them after it took then a month to send me a replacement after one of them died on me (if you search “homer car leinir” it will be the first link - i’m not going to test the spam filter here by trying to add a link in my first post :wink: ). Basically, please frame.work i really want to buy one of your delightful things, but it also needs to match my (i guess potentially kind of odd) daily driver needs :smiley:


This is something I’d want as well. It certainly seems doable that someone should be able to make and sell new hinges/ a new frame and people be able to add it after the fact. It already goes to 180 so no reason that a clever person wouldn’t be able to get us all the way around.

Touchscreen as @nrp already said they thought about ahead of time and just need a different panel to go in. There’s a couple (not many) laptops with the same physical size panel, but the mounting would likely be different. I’ve looked into a number of them and haven’t yet been able to verify that they would work, unfortunately. The options are generally either a similar resolution or slightly higher, which is great to know.

A stylus working would depend on the panel, and from the limited touch panels already that may not be possible, though I would hope so. As for somewhere to stash the stylus, I doubt you’d find enough space in the chassis to store one, but maybe a magnetic attachment? Not the most secure option, but there’s always ones you can slap around your wrist like a bracelet so you don’t lose it.
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I really can’t wait for something like that to show up on the roadmap.

One question I do have is whether the current lid housing would be able to support a display with a glass screen? I’ve really gotten accustomed to a screen I didn’t have to worry about deforming when touching it.

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I’m curious if something like this iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2389 Glass Panel Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide could be incorporated.


You know what, have a link to that blog entry i mentioned… Hope this doesn’t set off that spam detection and slap me for being a horrible person or something :wink: So, the market hasn’t changed a whole lot since then, and neither have my requirements. Basically, i have some arguably slightly odd requirements, but i don’t think that i’m really particularly unique in the logic behind those requirements, so… have a link: ..leinir :: fuzz :: life :: love :: smooth: The Homer Car, But It's leinir's Laptop :slight_smile:

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This topic has also been mentioned in the following thread: https://community.frame.work/t/touchscreen-that-can-use-a-stylus-for-creative-people/

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I’m going to make one if the do an amd GPU module and pair it with a Asus 3d studio display and make it foldable it is going to be a hard but doable task :joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::thinking:

2-in-1 convertible is something I would like to see very much too…

I saw these laptops the other day where the keyboard/trackpad was replaced by a touchscreen…
Then I remembered watching a livestream at work with all C level in a boardroom sitting around a table. They all had a Laptop in front of them ( nothing new so far ). However all of them also brought their own separate mouse, keyboard and laptop stand. In an office with flexible workspaces (just monitors, desks and chairs) this is very common practice.
With the laptop on a stand I would really like the “extra” screen space.
I my work situation I just move from one such a setup to another, always using external input devices, having only a very occasional need for the build in ones.
At least in my office people do not seem to mind lugging around mouses and keyboards from room to room as long as they can create their own comfort zone to work in.