Touch screen

I was wondering the possibility to add a touch screen and one which could interact with a stylus to compete with a Surface laptop? Has this been discussed before and could this be a possibility in the future for framework?


search is your friend :slight_smile:


I just bought the DIY today, I love the concept of easy repairs, but more than that the ability to only buy exactly what I need(I’ve already got a 4tb SSD, don’t need another), and to have some potential of upgrading over time with new capabilities - especially the expansion cards. I probably spent three hours last night lying in bed imagining different concepts for cards…

The one big bummer for me is the absence of the Touchscreen…not for notetaking, but just because I have built such a habit of using the screen to scroll pages…I swore I would never get a laptop without a touchscreen, well Framework convinced me to break that rule. But, I’d still really like one :slight_smile:

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I think the touchscreen is a gamechanger for framework… I mean look at all of us creatives begging for it as a framework option. I have a background in Engineering - an if there is anyone who can source the touchscreen I’ll make a housing for it. Lets keep this topics momentum!


My university has a salvage warehouse where you can buy used laptops. One that’s commonly being pawned off are chromebooks and I think a lot of the newer ones have touch screens with the same dimensions as the framework. I don’t have one in my hands, but I think a good start would be looking into salvaging parts and then developing a housing for that.

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@Patrick_Moore That sounds like a good place to start to grab the touch screen!

Let us know if you do grab one!

in the meantime for those who want a simple option look into products that attach to the laptop and add touch functionality. they even work with pens or pencils or styluses.

I just don’t get this obtuseness on the part of Framework to not offer a touch screen. I have been following them since the first edition launched but I refuse to buy one until a quality touchscreen is offered. There you have it !

Same here - without touchscreen this device is no-go. Remember that HP introduced its first touch-screen computer in 1983 and the first touch-screen convertible laptop in 2008!