6400mhz unsoldiered ram?

I hear AMD doesn’t certify (unsoldiered) DRAM to 6400mhz, but some zen 4 AMD laptops go up to 5400mhz with unsoldiered ram. Do you think framework enthusiasts will get unsoldiered ram running at 6400mhz with stability with a zen 4 framework?

I can’t imagine very many people would unsoldier the ram from their ram modules to try whatever you are trying. This seems really niche.

I think he means 6400 sodimms, unsoldered as in “not soldered” and not as in “removed from a board”


From what I have read here and there, the frequency is just to high to not solder it. 5600 is more or less stable so far and works for SODIMMs.

We’ll have to wait for camm ram and a motherboard that supports it. Hopefully Framework brings us camm support promptly, if possible with a camm to sodimm adapter. Only, I don’t know if there is the height available for an adapter.

No. camm to sodimm adapter would be a waste of resources., Also, you’d have to reduce the RAM speed again. It just doesn’t make sense IMHO.

You want to take full advantage of really fast ram, either camm or soldered.

You can somewhat brute force around that problem but that comes at the cost of power and heat so it’s only really done on desktop and some chonky laptops.

In principle the sodimm to camm adabters are a good idea, especially initially when the selection and supply of camm modules is likely a lot smaller than regular dimms. What kills this though is that ddr and lpddr camm modules are not interchangable so if you wanted to support sodimm to camm you would have to use ddr and that removes a lot of the advantage.


Of course, you won’t get the speed benefit of with an adapter. The point would be to give people options. As well as enabling reuse their existing ram, instead of it becoming landfill. Framework laptops are big on options and reducing needless waste. Also, at least initially, camm ram will probably command a price premium. Not everyone will really need it or want to pay a premium when they already have ram.

A possible alternative is maybe we don’t get camm as soon as possible because Framework instead waits till it’s more widely used and prices have come down.

I forgot reading about that. That is really annoying. No easy transition with backward compatibility. More ram for the landfill.

The spec is quite new so idk maybe it is possible to support both but it is definitely possible to prevent installation of one (not all platforms support both standards though most I know of do).

If supporting both is somehow possible going camm is a no-brainer, if not it is still a pretty big plus cause lpddr does have a lot of advantages but the (at least initially) smaller availability of camm modules and the inability to reuse the existing stuff does put a damper on it. Though once we get to ddr6 that problem pretty much goes away by itself, ddr6 sodimms may not even be a thing.

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