7040 series - USB 3.2 gen2x2 (20 gigabit) support?

Do any of the USB (C) ports support USB at 20 gigabit?

I have a supposed 20 gigabit device (not Thunderbolt) but it’s only coming up at 10 gigabit.

The laptop does not have any USB 20Gbps ports. Only 10Gbps and 40Gbps. It should work at the advertised speeds if you use the back two USB 4 ports.

The Orico ASM236X device I have does not work at 20 gigabit in the back two ports. I will try some different cables when they arrive.

With certified 20 gigabit cables and the Orico (Asmedia) 2364 based enclosure:

Back port: 10 gigabit
Front port USB 2, 480 megabit!

2362 10 gigabit controller exhibits the same behaviour, of course the expected maximum is 10 gigabit.

I also note that UASP doesn’t work in a front port.

The AMD CPU simply cannot do USB3 20G, only USB4 20G.
Theoretically, the Intel 13th gen CPU supports USB3 20G on its TB4 ports, but neither FW nor any other manufacturer so far seems to have made that functionality actually available on actual ports, even when the CPU supports it per its own specs.

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