USB speed on AMD board

(1): USB 4
(2): USB 3.2
(3): USB 4
(4): USB 3.2

The USB 4 are 40 Gbps, but what about the USB 3.2, are they 3.2 gen 2x2 (20 Gbps)?

Refer to the second last paragraph in the first post:

Plus this:,rate%2C%20without%20sacrificing%20cable%20length

And this:

According to the guideline:
“Vendors must clearly communicate the performance signaling that a product delivers in the product’s packaging, advertising content, and any other marketing materials.”

FB Marketplace page:

So, it seems like the performance signaling of the product is not communicated in accordance to the ‘guideline’. (Guideline isn’t something that is a must, but best to follow)

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They’re 10Gbps ports, AMD publishes the ports & speed on their tech specs.
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Thanks @Second_Coming and @Water261