Can't connect to monitor via KVM with displayport

Hi, all. I’ve been trying to get my Framework 13, 13th gen laptop connected to several monitors with Displayport 1.2 via a kvm switch.

Taking the monitor cord straight into the laptop works, but via the kvm I get ‘USB not recognized’ popups on the laptop and ‘no signal’ on the monitor. All components work as intended with the other pc.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or any compatibility I’m unaware of?

Windows 11
Framework 13 - 13th gen Intel
Displayport expansion cards (2nd Gen)

what kvm are you using?

you would typically need to connect a USB cable and a video cable to the kvm.

I have two different variants of this one, with both working fully with another computer. There are no issues with the usb connection, that works fine for all computers, it’s just the DP ones that are refusing to connect. I am connecting the power so that isnt the issue.

Edit: To clarify, the DP cable is the one giving the ‘usb not recognized’ popup