A few suggestions for future products

Firstly, I would like to express my thanks to the Framework team for bringing such an amazing product to life. I am at my time to purchase a new machine and will definitely be looking at the Framework with 12th gen Intel when the consumer reviews are out.

After reviewing the product, I also got a few thoughts and suggestions that I would like to discuss here with the community and possible team members.

  1. The possibility to bring up a physical switch for the network modules. I love the switches
    for microphone and cameras which provides much better privacy. On the other hand, a physical network switch to kill the connections (I believe that Purism has been the only company to do this on modern laptops) will certainly make it to the next level.
  2. The adapter design. I totally understand the thoughts of a more “traditional” power brick workout, but it is more of inconvenient to bring an additional cable with such an ultrabook. Looking at the market, I would suggest having (replaceable) plugs integrated onto the power brick itself, which will be much better to carry with.
  3. The possibility of opensource firmware and Intel ME disabling choices. I am aware that the team has been working on opensource implementations of these stuff, but I would like to ask whether or not it is possible to provide an option to ship the machine with the HAP bit set to disable the Intel ME (I am also aware that this breaks the S0ix).

Thanks again to the team for giving us such a valid choice for a modular modern laptop. I would also like to hear from others in this community for thoughts and suggestions to help the team make it even better.


The one and only complaint I have, I too would be ok with breaking S0ix so long as it means disabling the ME, I’m not a purist, I don’t ask that it be the default (horrible experience for new or inexperienced users) but I do ask that I be given the choice. I bought the laptop anyways because firmware is updatable and Framework has shown interest in this direction.