I will bite, and join the Framework community with the 16

So, I realised that I have a tablet almost as big as the Framework 16 (Samsung S8 Ultra) which I barely use because it’s impossible to properly write with it. I will sell that and use the laptop instead, I’m sure it will fit in my backpack just the same.

Thankfully I’m not in a rush. So I will “bring my own” most options possible, even if I’ll likely end up searching for the closest equivalents to the recommended parts. Only issue could be the Windows 11 licence, as apparently it’s ridiculously expensive.

There are key resellers, grey market sellers. And you can still do windows 7 to windows 11 upgrades with the offline activation method. Or just not use Windows and move to Linux depending on your use case so you don’t have ads in the operating system you paid for.

FYI - using Linux here (since 1992). But even my girls use linux on a day to day base.
Last one got a new laptop, tried out Windows 11. Came to me 8 hours later asking me for a Linux boot/installation USB stick :} Darn was I proud that day!

With KDE Plasma, the UI is easy to use even for non geeks and everything else is on board


not anymore apparently :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

There are still work arounds lol. Just the easiest ones got patched. There are still methods that Microsoft did not fix or maybe can’t fix.

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