All left-side ports stopped working suddenly

Hi all,
12th gen intel DIY framework here, running linux mint. Didn’t have a single issue so far, until today. Now suddenly, none of the ports on the left side of my framework are working anymore. All of the ports, including the 3.5mm headphone jack. I don’t get error messages, I don’t get “device-connected” sounds, nothing. The ports are dead - I tried charging via the left-side USB-C port, and the power-LED won’t come on. Same cables & devices work fine on the right side.

I swapped out the expansion cards, trying a new (same age as the laptop, but never-been-used) USB-C expansion card, but no luck. Somehow everything on the left is completely fried. Same devices/expansion cards work fine in either of the right hand side expansion bays.

Sorry to hear that. You might try the following things:

  • a cold boot - shut the system down, let sit for at least one minute, power it back on
  • boot to the bios and reset to defaults
  • mainboard reset - I don’t recall the specific steps for doing that on 12th gen, as I have an 11th gen

Good luck, hopefully you get it sorted out and working again.

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Contact Support, especially if you still have warranty.