Top left port stopped working

Hello all,
I received my laptop 2 days ago (DIY i5). Everything went smoothly, I set it up and installed windows.
Today, the top left port stopped working, I tried all the adapters I have and none of them work. Turning the laptop off and removing the adapters, when I plug the charger directly to the ports, the laptop charges in 3 of the 4 ports, the top left port appears dead.
Any suggestion on what I could try to fix the issue? Anybody had the same problem?
I am hoping for an easy fix. I contacted support but thought I would try the community for guidance.

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I remember there was some sort of YouTube video which addressed something like this. If it’s relevant I’ll link it in another comment.

I couldn’t find the video but I remember it was essentially saying “reseat the tape above the PCB near the dead port because short circuit” or something like that. Either way, shouldn’t do harm if it doesn’t work.

Edit: I’ve found the video under a different search in my history.

It’s not the greatest video but the issue seems to be the same. Reading the comment section will give you a much better understanding than the video of what’s wrong and what he was doing to fix it.

Thank you! I will try this morning.

Here is the link to the fix from Framework itself:

Reading through this I noticed the “highlighted yellow” from the step indicating the black sticker is more of a light green than yellow. Didn’t seem big enough to make a topic on but none the loss somewhat noteworthy

Repositioning the EMI sticker fixed the issue. Thank you for your help!

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