Ambient Light Sensor not working

Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 23H2
Model: Framework AMD 13
BIOS: v3.0.3

I have the check box selected to change brightness automatically when lighting changes and I see the HID Ambient Light Sensor in the device manager, but the screen brightness does not change.

I know it works because when I first got this laptop I installed Fedora and the auto brightness definitely worked (so well that it was annoying). I loaded Windows for other reasons but now the light sensor doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

I uninstalled the HID Ambient Light Sensor from the device manager and reinstalled the latest Framework driver pack, but it still doesn’t do anything. Has anyone else experienced this?

Seemingly not working for me either. Let me know if you’ve managed to fix this.

I don’t seem to have this option at all on win11 22631.2861
I initially installed the FW driver pack, but have updated to the latest AMD drivers, maybe that’s why? I don’t seem to have a HID ambient light sensor either.

I am on Windows 11 and ambient light screen dimming works only after enabling it. If I change the screen brightness manually it stops working even if the option is enabled. I have to disable it and re-enable it, then it works. It is inconvenient but it works. Maybe it is the same for you