AMD 13 7840 - Samsung 980 pro underwhelming performance

Got my AMD 13 a few days ago - plenty to love, plenty left wanting for more. Has anyone noticed the disk speeds for Samsung 980 pro 2TB on their Framework 13 AMD DIY edition? Samsung lists that SSD as Gen 4 with up to 7000 MB/s read speeds, but I’m seeing only around 3500 MB/s in CrystalDiskMark 8. I have the Samsung Magician running and the SSD firmware is updated to the latest.

Has anyone else had similar experience? Wondering if anyone got better performance on the 980 Pro or is it just me?

Are you running this on battery or while plugged in? Assuming you’re running this on Windows 11, have you checked for PCIE link power savings? It’ll drop to PCIE Gen 3 speeds to save power if enabled which seems in line with what speeds your getting. Also check what power setting you have set the drive to in Samsung Magician.


Thank you for the information. I was running on battery with Samsung Magician Performance setting set to “standard mode”. Switching it to “Full Performance Mode” bumped the sequential read to 5700 MB/s plugged in. I’m on Windows 10 Pro and the PCIE link power setting is unavailable even after changing the “Power Mode” to “Best Performance” from the “battery settings” in the taskbar. I’m planning to upgrade to Windows 11 shortly and will give it another go! Thanks again!

I kindly suggest checking the Bios in the advanced section for the setting “PCIE Dynamic Link Power Management”.
The desctription for this setting says “reduce PCIE bus speed to gen 3 when running on battery. AMD PSPP.

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Thank you for the suggestion Ruben_Hornung, that fixed the speed issue. I’m getting 6700+ MB/s after disabling the setting. It would be great if Framework had these tweaks listed in one FAQ or Guide for all the AMD variants, would save a lot of pain for everyone involved.

I’m very happy with the community support for Framework and enjoying the learning process. Thanks for all the input, much appreciated!

p.s: I wish Framework would make a 14 inch model with a bigger battery and better speakers. The AMD experience is miles ahead of my Intel laptops. The bigger batteries on my Intel machines do give better battery life.

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