Framework 13" AMD Powered off and now only black screen

Hi all,

I have a new Framework 13" AMD, all parts from Framework, that assembled fine and was working for a few days. I left it running for a few hours to copy some files, and when I came back, the laptop was off and wouldn’t power back up. Side LED gives a blink code of:

12 green
1 red
1 blue
5 green

with solid white before and after. Anyone have any thoughts what it might be, or where I can find the blink code list?

Thank you!

The should be 8 blue or green blinks after the red/orange one, not only 6. Can you check again? But the 12 green indicate no major error. Maybe a screen backlight failure?

Can you try connecting an external monitor and/or shining a bright light on the screen?

Thanks for the reply. It broke before I went out of town for the holiday, so a bit of a letdown.

Unfortunately it’s not showing anything on the screen, doesn’t output to an external monitor, and doesn’t light up the caps lock or keyboard backlight when I try turning them on.

Pretty sure on the blink code, but I recorded it here. It sits for about 60 seconds before it starts up, but the video is cut down.

Well, I found out that there is a component on the motherboard southeast of the cooler that apparently had a catastrophic failure - there is a burn mark the size of a dime on the board and a corresponding mark on the input cover. I’ve been waiting for 6 days to hear back from support on how this is going to get fixed.

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