Framework 13 AMD DIY - power button not responsive, red LED lights on

I received a Batch 4 Framework 13 AMD DIY kit. After connecting the input device/keyboard and powering on the laptop, nothing seemed to happen to several minutes. The power button light never came on and the display was blank although the LEDs on the side of the laptop did come on. Eventually the “Framework” loading screen was displayed but the power button light still never came on. After waiting several minutes I tried to turn off the laptop via power button but it was unresponsive. I removed the keyboard to unplug the battery and power off the laptop and now the entire system is unresponsive. I could have sworn I also smelled ozone or burning under the keyboard when I removed it but I can’t find any glaring signs of damage (i.e. no melted touchpad connectors). When I plug the battery in the two LEDs on the side of laptop are steady RED. I’m waiting for a response on my support ticket submitted two days ago but was going to ask if there’s anything I can do in the meantime to troubleshoot the issue.

I never got far enough to install an OS but this was intended to be a Windows 10 machine.

Assuming there’s nothing else I can do but wait for support to follow up, what’s the best move for letting the machine sit? Should I keep the battery unplugged from the mainboard?