Framework 13 Ryzen error code

Just got my first framework, and its not even for me. This one is for my mother-in-law but I cant give it to het if its not working. When I have tried powering on for the first time I get light on the power button, and eventually the status light on the side flashes out a code, but I have no idea what the error is.

Can anyone interpret this video and point me in the right direction please.
But cant upload a video…

Assuming this is a DIY version, what RAM are you using and having you plugged it in? If you’re using compatible RAM, try booting with one stick first. If that succeeds, install the second stick and it should work.

Also, if you’re only using one RAM stick, try it in the left slot. I just had a mainboard replaced because of this, and the replacement also has the same issue, where my RAM stick only works in the left slot.

Only got the one ram stick to try

I’ll give that a shot

Just watched my video, the light pattern im getting is solid red followed by - 12green, red, blue, 2green, 5 blue

Look here for an explanation of the lights: My Framework Laptop (Intel 11th Gen Intel® Core™) is not powering on (it says 11th gen Intel, but it’s the same for Ryzen).

You should be getting white, followed by 12 green, orange, then 5 blue or green.

Interestingly, with my issue with the RAM slots, I got the normal light sequence, with no errors indicated.

There should be 8 blinks after the orange/red blink.

The code is f9 - no boot device

#define POST_BDS_NO_BOOT_DEVICE 0xF9 // No Boot Device, PostBDS_NO_BOOT_DEVICE

Try booting with a bootable usb attached. If that works, from there, install the os on the internal drive. Best of luck! Edit to add - I assume that this is a DIY version, not pre-built. If pre-built (with windows pre-installed), try re-seating the nvme drive.

Yes, this is a DIY machine
I’ve tried reseating the M.2, then tried swapping to the left ram channel, and finally tried a boot USB. Nothing changed the result I was getting, still the same error code.

Sounds like you might need to contact support.

Also make sure that secure boot is off. If you have not installed an os on the nvme drive, (edit to correct) you may still get the no bootable drive error code. The bootable usb needs to be in uefi format, not legacy. If none of that helps, then Support likely will be your best bet.

Already have, just waiting on their reply

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uefi is something I didn’t check. I feel like it won’t help but I’ll try anything

My DIY came with secure boot enabled, I had to turn it off in order to install the OS.

But the symptoms were not the same, I got a dialog on the screen saying that no boot device could be found.

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