Anker plug and cable sufficient?

Does this plug and this cable work with the framework laptop?

The plug supports 65W maximum from one output and the cable 100W maximum as well.

If yes, why is the default framework brick/cable combination so huge? 132g for the plug + 63g for the 180cm long cable is still 100g less than the shipped one.

Thanks and enjoy tinkering with your framework!

I have the exact power plug and it works well with the Framework, I have no concerns about the cable. As I would trust Anker’s rating, this cable should be fine to use.
Regarding the second question, Anker is especially advertising the GaN transistors here which makes the small form factor possible. I guess it might at some point be an option, but as the availability of those components is probably still limited framework does not use them yet.
Fortunatley the choice is up to you

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Hello I use the Anker Nano II 65W and it works just fine for me :slight_smile:

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@p_e @Linen

thank you both for your replies!

I’ve read that the framework charger also uses GaN, that’s why I was confused why it’s still so much large/heavier.

An ultra-high-effiency 60W charger using GaN technology to stay cool and compact. The included detachable USB-C and AC cables make it easy to adapt to your needs.

I’ll go with the anker one then,- thank you!


Agree with the others, I have one of these and use it with my framework, and my phone.
There is still an usb-a port for the headset, if needed.

Be careful, the power capacity is different between the ports.

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I believe the reason the Framework charger is heavier is due to the fully detachable C5 cable on the wall side, that thing isnt light

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Personally I skipped the Framework charger because of all the cable issues and it’s size. Running with an Anker 737 charger without any issues.

Just a heads up for everyone reading this:
I’ve had this combination in use for over a week now and all is well.
In fact, I would say I can highly recommend it.
(The charger gets old mildy warm)

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I use a similar combination:
Charger Cable
and it also works just fine.

Just in case it helps someone.