[Answered] Port Failure. Power related?

For roughly the last year, my 2 usb-c and 2 usb-a ports have failed to function properly at random intervals. When you try to connect a USB device, or your phone to the ports, they wont read/write, and it will take roughly 5 seconds before it will start charging the phone. I contacted framework support about 3 months ago, but gave up. It once allowed me to read/write to 1 usb-a port, so i installed windows, and it told me i had a power issue and that windows would fix it, which it did. I later went back to linux, where it happened again.

Im currently on Fedora 37
WD Black 750 1TB

You should tag your question with Linux category for @Matt_Hartley to see it and help you.
Now keep in mind we are close to hollidays, he might reply with a delay

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@Framework_user Please open another ticket, have ask immediately to have it escalated to Matt Hartley the Linux Lead (me). I will gather logs. This will give us a path forward, may need to RMA the expansion cards. The logs will get us on the right path to a resolution.

You will be dealing with me directly, tier 3 Linux support.

In the short term, you indicated:

Not sure Iā€™d try charging my phone over my laptop, however at a slow trickle charge it is doable. That said, the fact that it is not connecting to a USB device at all seems odd.

@Framework_user Just need the logs requested in your ticket to determine what is going on so we can get this resolve for you.

Thanks :slight_smile: