DIY FW 13 AMD 7640U - Port 1 not working

I’m using Windows 11, though I doubt this is an OS issue. I put the DIY pieces together as per the quick start guide only to find that port 1 (top left) doesn’t work with any of the expansion cards I ordered; USB A/C, HDMI, DP. I have updated the BIOS, installed the Framework bundled drivers, and no dice. I have sent in a support ticket, and do understand that it will take a while before support will get to me. I post this to see if the community may have anything to help this issue in the meantime.

Just a bump here, I have a similar issue with port 4, bottom right, it used to work fine, but I tried it today for the first time in a week or two, and it’s not working, I changed ports to see if it was something wrong with my USB-A module, but it didn’t work with any other module, I had also connected my phone directly to the USB-C slot that the modules slot into, and it doesn’t charge at all.

That leaves me to believe that the port isn’t receiving the power that it should be to work, please let me know if you hear any update, I’m wondering if theirs some software safety thing, that would disabled a port for some reason, but the only things Ive plugged into that port was usb mice.

I am having the same issue. bottom right port is not working.

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Have you tried a mainboard reset?

Update (2023-12-29): Happy Holidays to you all! After checking with Framework support to see that the ports on the laptop could in fact receive power, the issue fixed itself. To elaborate, I was asked to disconnect the expansion cards and go through and connect my AC adapter to each port individually. The orange charging light came on for each one. So then I tried my eGPU and expansion cards, and they all worked fine. I haven’t had any issues since. I hope this helps those of you that have this same issue.

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How do you do a mainboard reset?

Sadly this did not work for me.

Step 1: Turn off laptop and remove charging cable
Step 2: Remove Input Cover and replug charging cable
Step 3: Press the case switch 10 times (it’s located near the fan). Press it for 2 seconds, release, then wait for the mainboard lights to blink red. Repeat until it has been done 10 times.
Step 4: Reconnect Input Cover and turn on the laptop.