Shipment costs to France improving...could do a little better

Used to be 30€ to ship a 20€ shipmenta year ago.
So 12€ is muuuuuch better.
Also for simple modules, when I order from aliexpress for example, they send me this kind of small good for 1€ via regular post :wink:

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Framework may have contracts with Fedex and as a smaller company, they don’t have as much leverage when negotiating prices and services.


Well not everyone can abuse the “emerging market” classification to get subsidized shipping.


The new warehouse is in Netherlands, so the 12€ via fedex are probably justified. And Framework is probably a lot smaller than Aliexpress to allow this kind of cheap delivery fees… :slight_smile:

  1. AliExpress sellers are playing in a market competing on price so it is a race to the bottom. That doesn’t align with Framework’s market strategy.

  2. You can complain all day that prices are too high but if people pay, that proves that they are priced correctly (in an economic sense).


Even in the US, My shipping cost on a single USB-C expansion card is $9 for standard shipping and $15 for Expidited, so 12€ seems pretty good for shipping from the Netherlands to France (Likely bc the cost being the same for all EU countries likely balances out the higher shipping costs for some countries with lower shipping costs for others).

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