Anyone have a spare display?

My lcd panel broke yesterday — I have a column of dead pixels now. Just thought I’d ask, on the off chance that someone bought the new matte display and has a spare glossy one sitting in their garage (or if someone has a matte screen they want to get rid of, even better) and wants to sell it to me for less than the new price, then let’s reduce e-waste and save money at the same time!

FYI: I’m in Canada and would prefer Canadian shipping, but I’d be willing to pay import fees if it turned out cheaper than buying new.

Alternatively, if anyone has tips about 3rd party displays, also appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you within one year of purchase? If so your warranty should cover it and you can contact support!
This seems to be a place where quite a few people go to sell and purchase Framework parts secondhand!

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Unfortunately my warranty expired in September. If only it had broken a few months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know about that subreddit :smiley:

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It may be worth reaching out anyways. The worst they’ll say is no and you’ll be in the same position you’re already in.

I remember seeing some users in the Discord group that have spare panels.

Contact support and ask if they have any returns/refurbs that they want to sell for cheaper. It happens sometimes.