Anyone try using FW vertically while fully open (@180)?

Instead of a dock or laptop stand, external monitor, etc I would like to hang my FW (once I receive it) on the wall or in front of a north facing window and use a separate keyboard and mouse. Has anyone tried anything close to this? I am mostly wondering about the fan and exhaust working proplerly in that position, but if anyone knows of other potential issues I am all about hearing that too.

I have done this in the past with tablets and it worked well, but their design expects that orientation more than a clamshell… and have components soldered and glued on partly to handle that…

I don’t mount it, but I occasionally use the laptop vertically because the 2:3 ratio is perfect for comics/manga. As long as you’re not exerting unnecessary pressure on the lid/chassis or restricting airflow there should be no issues with using it vertically.

If you’re on Windows there’s a handy tool called display to quickly rotate the display orientation (via batch file, hotkeys, whatever):

display64.exe /rotate:0
display64.exe /rotate:180
display64.exe /rotate:90
display64.exe /rotate:270
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Oh, so you’re using it vertically sideways… interesting!

I have been hanging things in the way that the keyboard would still be below, but that is an interesting option too.

I actually don’t want it mounted in a permanent way, have been using basically a trapeze… was thinking since keyboard doesn’t detach would just support it as well as the display to protect the hinge from carrying the weight of the main body by using extra loops and also a couple of clips to keep it from flipping over as needed.

Usually there are vents all around things, which makes your way or mine not an issue of trapping hot air at the top. I am not clear where the exhaust is on the laptop, so not sure if it is an issue. I have one on order and should be shipped soon!

Oh I misunderstood your post lol. If you’re supporting it via the bottom chassis it should be no issue.

The exhaust vent is slightly obscured but it’s located on the rear of the hinge. The intake is a portion of the vent holes on the bottom. As long as you’re not covering these you should be fine!

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Ah, just saw a post that explains where the exhaust comes out of: at the hinge. That should work well for my plans, might even be better for airflow!

So, as long as moving parts are good at 90 degrees and non-moving parts stay not moving, lol, should be good. Yay!

Thanks for confirming that. Looks like we cross posted.