Anyone went and got the ROG Ally today?

Did anyone go shopping for the Ally today?

Odd that the Ally got a high Geekbench multicore score than the highest scoring Framework Laptop:
Framework: framework - Geekbench 6 CPU Search - Geekbench
Ally: ally - Geekbench 6 CPU Search - Geekbench

Bummer, some usability bugs / issues (even after all the drivers, BIOS, software and OS updates):

  1. Randomly disappearing cursor.
  2. Fingerprint reader stopped working after Windows updates.
  3. On-screen keyboard is flaky.

Doesn’t seem that odd to me frankly. Its a Ryzen vs an intel chip comparison. Single core performance on the intel Framework is better than the Ryzen chip, but multicore is better on the Ryzen chip, which lines up with everything else I’ve seen when it comes down between the two (typically). Plus, one is specifically focused on gaming so performance is the focus, while the other is designed for multiple different use cases as a general laptop (from gaming to productivity, varying power levels are required and different battery and cooling comes along with that).

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Those multi-core numbers are closer than I would expect given the AMD hype (but it also makes sense if it is just hype).

The Z1 Extreme is an 8 core 30W part, same as the 7840U coming to framework. Probably performs about the same

I didn’t pick up an ROG Ally, and probably won’t because of overlap with my Steam Deck, but I’m definitely interested to see the hardware in action because of how little we’ve seen of the new AMD mobile parts irl

Given the intel ones have a lot more cores, that isn’t all that unexpected. The E-cores are pretty much meant to cheese multi core applications and they do that very well. The efficient part in E-cores refers less to electricity and more to die area/cost which allows intel to spam them. For workloads that can take advantage of that it’s pretty neat.

Yeah it is probably a pretty good analog. Keep in mind we are getting quite a bit slower ram than the ally gets so that’ll make a difference in some workloads.

They are the same CPU with different power curve, confirmed by AMD engineers.

I guess I didn’t say why I find it odd in the OP. To me, it’s really odd in a refreshing way because of how quiet the fans are in comparison to cool that same 25-30w unit. I was expecting some fair amount of throttling.

i.e. The surprise isn’t from the AMD vs Intel, but more from the form factor and noise level.

What using an actually modern node and not running it at the absolute peak of the power curve does to a processor XD

After spending 3-4 hours on it…the overall gaming experience sucks.

Windows is too in your face…another windows system to manage. In fact, modern gaming experience in general seems to suck…take so much time to ‘get into’ the games, too many splash screen, too much loading time.

PC gaming isn’t for me I think.

The touch interface also is poor, almost non-existent.

Whoever is responsible for the UX just doesn’t care…or is deliberately, expertly screwing with you.

Just out of curiosity, what are you comparing the RogAlly to?

Also, have you tried the SteamDeck with SteamOS (linux)? What is your opinion on it?

Comparing it to nothing really. To me, it’s a time thing. Time to do what I need to do, get it over and done with. e.g. I want to game, and gaming is the thing I want my time to be allocated to…not the dance around device management, game download…etc.

Ally is part of the problem, windows is part of the problem, game initialization is part of the problem. It’s UX friction at every step.

If I’m comparing it to anything, I guess I’m comparing it to something like a OG Gameboy, or board games, or sports. e.g. Scrabble, here, start. Chess, start. Tennis, get change, go to the court, pick up a racket and ball, start. The tennis court maintenance is not part of the experience. Looking at billboards of who built the tennis court or sold me the racket is not part of the experience.

Something is broken in modern day gaming, IMO.

For example, taking this long to get into the game is not how I would like to spend my gaming time (timestamped to 17:42):

There is quite a lot broken with modern gaming but yeah interesting perspective. Just wait until you learn about single player games that don’t work without a server connection XD