Aorus Gaming Box eGPU AMD Framework 13


Hi all, I wanted to know if anyone has had any success with an Aorus gaming box and getting the rear USB-A ports to work. I originally had some issues with getting the eGPU to connect, but have since gotten that mostly working.

It appears that the USB hub is detected, but plugging in devices they are not detected by the laptop.

At this point I think I lack the know-how to effectively troubleshoot, so I was just curious if anyone else might have a gaming box from Aorus and a similar issue (and ideally found a fix)

My setup is:
Framework 13 7840u Running Windows 10
Connecting to an Aorus Gaming Box with a 2070 (eGPU is working and running 3 monitors)

  • I know that the ports are working as my windows laptop connects to the eGPU and detects the USB ports when I plug in different things (phone/thumb drive/keyboard)

If anyone has any troubleshooting ideas, I would be open to those as well!

And plugging the eGPU into the two rear USB-C ports