Are FW DIY offerings compatible w/each other?

If all the components in the laptop’s original configuration are chosen from the DIY store (and no components used from elsewhere), is it safe to assume they will be compatible… or should we look it up anyway?

The only mention of compatibility was for the wi-fi card in relation to vPro. Is that the only potential compatibility issue between the options offered?

I was so excited about this that I just assumed the components offered have already been checked for compatibility with each other and didn’t look them up before ordering, and now I am wondering if I should have… I have not been notified about shipping, so figure it has not been shipped yet.

Been a long time since I have been able to upgrade, replace, DIY, individual components as I have been using laptops exclusively for quite some time. I used to upgrade, replace, DIY build, individual components and systems with desktops for a living ‘back in the day(s)’. Never got as far as soldering though. Looking forward to simply being able to do it for myself again. I have no useful parts for a new system right now, and want to support as much as possible, so decided to just start with components offered here. Also, TBH, never liked checking compatibility anyway…

You should be perfectly fine. Everything sold by Framework has been confirmed to work.

Everything uses standardized connectors and hardware. The only issue I know of is vPro, and that’s just an intel thing.


Thanks. I just remember how some brands or models of hardware didn’t ‘play’ as well together with another brand or model’s hardware as it would with another brand or model…even though each could work fine in the system otherwise. These components would be fine in terms of the correct type for their socket, just had issues when other brands were present in the system. I am trying to remember some examples, but after 15 years it is not coming to mind…

Generally, the type of compatibility I am referring to is why some machines can have same general specs but perform differently. They both work, but one has these sorts of issues hampering it, affecting performance, which can also affect longevity and create more maintenance issues and headaches overall.

Yeah, that’s fair! Never really hurts to double check, either.

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Yeah, was hoping to shortcut that with this question. Lol, a gal can hope… :wink:

Checking that sort of compatibility was the part I didn’t like about it… but it did help avoid headaches over time, so perhaps I should…

Note that all of the /hardware/ should be compatible with each other (excepting obvious things; if you buy six expansion cards, you only have four slots.)

However, not all hardware is compatible with all OSes. The vPro has issues with most Linux distributions, for example.

If you’re running windows, everything should be fine.

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