Are my parts at home compatible with the Framework?

I am planning on getting a Framework and it would be great if the parts I have at home would be compatible. Based on my knowledge and research it seems to be compatible? If anyone knows anything on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all that comment in advance!

The SSD is definitely compatible, unsure for others.

There’s a chance the RAM won’t work, but my DDR4-2666 from Crucial and Dell worked just fine. Try it, and you might be pleasantly surprised! Or unpleasantly surprised.

I guess I just hope for the pleasant surprise from that RAM of my!?

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All listed components will be compatible

Looks like an M.2 NVMe Drive - so that’s good
DDR4 is DDR4 and is not an XMP type SODIMM so that’s fine
WiFi module is E-key and not A-key so that’s good

Driver support for the WiFi module may or may not be a problem but it should be fine


That’s great! Thanks for your confirmation!

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I found a battery at home that fits within the Framework and seem to have a compatible cable, but I am unsure if something like this is safe to test when my Framework arrives. It would be great to use this as a replacement in the future when my Framework battery dies out. So can I plug this into a Framework or is there some safety thing I should look out for? I am new to DIY, so all that comment and help thanks to you in advance!

Don’t do it

That genuinely carries risk to do and unless you are familiar with electronics, just don’t do it


Do not try. It’s 15 volts which is too low.


Thanks guy’s for informing me! I was almost just going to try it and not ask this thread, but glad I did! That is all the questions for me for now.

I encourage others that are unsure of there parts to ask on this thread. Transforming this thread into a generic anyone can ask question, “Are my parts at home compatible with the Framework?” I can’t speak for everyone but I will try my best to answer questions as I learn more everyday. This will increase the usefulness of this thread.

Final thanks to all those that helped me!

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To give an anecdote:

Two laptops ago, my battery was dying. So I looked up the exact model number and bought the battery from the OEM (since Toshiba refused to offer replacement batteries from their site). Got it, plugged it in (after comparing everything, including voltage). Everything seemed to be fine for a few days.

Cut to three days later and the computer froze. Did a hard shutdown and tried to reboot. Refused to boot. Turned out the battery had fried most of the internal components, probably because of a surge or something (from the battery).

Lesson I learned: Unless the laptop maker offers replacement batteries, don’t replace the battery. Even if it’s completely degraded (like my previous laptop’s battery is).