Are SSD screws included?

I chose to bring my own SSD and bought a samsung one which comes with no SSD screws.
I am wondering if I should buy them or framework has them included in the package.

Yes. And a few spare screws as well.


You can see the extra screws that ship with the laptop here:
and its from the right to repair page here: Preparing to Ship and Respecting your Right to Repair
4th image down.
There is also the screw for the NVMe already in the hole where the NVMe drive goes. So you have one, one extra, and then two more extra screws for other things.


thanks guys I appreciate this alot, yes i did get a NVMe SSD, just waiting for framework to ship mine now

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hmm, I don’t remember getting any extra screws in my DIY package…

They’re inside the computer. If I recall from images I’ve seen, they’re non-functionallly screwed in above the motherboard, near the base of the display

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