Are vents in the bezel possible?

So while I’m waiting on my laptop to ship with batch 5, I thought I’d watch a few reviews of the laptop and one of the reviewers mentioned how heat is vented out around the display hinge. I don’t know how the internals look around the hinge of the laptop. If vent slits were introduced into the bezel, could hot air be more effectively vented when closed such as when a person uses this laptop docked?

Don’t have mine yet, but It’s been confirmed that you can improve thermals while docked by running the laptop closed and upside-down, though that wouldn’t help if you’re planning on using the existing screen. To be entirely fair, I don’t think vents on the bezel would make a measurable difference.

The heat is exhausted at the hinge, so any venting would have to go through the hinge/display cable/display backlight. Probably not something that’s possible or that would noticably improve thermals.

The space between the hinge and vent is pretty significant- they’re not up against each other at all. Roughly 2mm gap when closed, and considerably more when open.
I’d be surprised if you gained anything but it’s worth exploring…

Larger problem for me is when I have it on my lap or bed or something it’s trying to suck air from my pants/bedsheets