Australian AMD batch 3 customs delays

Since last Friday my Framework 13 has been stuck at Australian Customs with the status

Clearance delay - Import - A FedEx Systems Outage has delayed release.
Nov 03 2023 10:00 am
· MATRAVILLE, NS, 2036, AU, Australia

I have managed to get further details from FedEx.

28 laptops were sent from Taiwan as a combined shipment to be split and sent out once they arrived in country. It appears that some of them have not left Taiwan and Australian customs wont release until the complete shipment is in country.

I have no idea how long before the remaining items arrive. Fedex have advised that the sender can contact them to split the shipment, which will allow for the items that are here to be released. Hopefully someone here that has that capability can follow up?

For further information the master tracking number is 713993037053

Leave it be, at max contact FW support

It sucks but you just have to wait it out. If it hasn’t moved by Friday then maybe hit up support. 3 business days in customs unfortunately is not that long for some shipments these days. My uConsole was recently sitting in Sydney for a week before it got on its way.

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Thanks all. It’s a bit frustrating that it works have cleared straight away if it wasn’t part of a group shipment.

Hopefully it’s not too far away for all 28 of us.

Hey @Carl_Thomas my batch 4 bound for :australia: shipped on the 8th and has made its way to Guangzhou where it has been chilling since this morning.

The weight of the package on the FedEx site for the tracking number Framework sent me shows 3 Kg, so don’t know if I am part of the same shipment.

If the service has direct distribution in the name, it’s a palletised shipment with multiple FW laptops on it.

Here is what my FedEx Service page says FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution. I guess its a palletised shipment then. Lets hope it’s the same pallet and everyone can clear customs soon.

My laptop is still in Guangzhou, estimated delivery date is scheduled for the 14th. I can keep you updated if you like.