My experience - order to delivery to Australia

I am an excited Framework customer having received a DIY 13 gen 13 Intel last week. I’m posting about my ordering and delivery experience for anyone in Australia who’s considering buying a Framework. This is information I couldn’t find on the internet, here or through the ordering process.
My main question was what the actual or approx. timeframe for shipping would be. I found an old Framework post or email saying it was about a week to deliver but there was no information anywhere through the ordering process about delivery times to confirm it. For reasons, I had to have a laptop in hand within 2 weeks, but I took a punt and ordered it.
To answer my main question it took 10 days from placing the order to receiving it on my doorstep. To break it down:
Order to shipping confirmation (4 days)
International transit – Taiwan to Sydney, Australia (3 days)
Local transit – clearing Customs, transiting local depots to doorstep (3 days)

It probably would’ve been 9 days as the day before delivery was a public holiday. Framework charges GST so I didn’t expect any issues with Customs clearance and there weren’t any.

Between Order and Shipping Confirmation there was radio silence, so I did feel slightly uneasy by the start of day 4 – not about not getting it but about the timeframe to receive it in.
Once shipping was confirmed, the FedEx shipping tracker was excellent, providing detailed movement by movement updates on the shipment. It was fascinating to see the route it took, departing Taiwan and going through The Philippines, China, Japan and Singapore before arriving in Australia.

This is my experience. Someone else may get the same, or different but this should help with any expectations on delivery times. My 13 is up and running and I’m super happy with it.


Thank you for sharing your experience.

Now we wait to see if the Australian AMD Batch 1 orders get some notifications soon…

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