Avoiding keyboard pressure marks on the screen?

One thing I’ve always associated with MacBooks are those quintessential keyboard pressure marks on the LCD screen. Yesterday, I noticed a hint of something similar on my Framework. I believe this may have something to do with the fact that recently started biking to work with the laptop in my backpack.

Has anyone else seen this happening on their Framework? Any tips on how to avoid it?

Perhaps a hard carrying case that prevents the screen from squishing/flexing/bending when inside my backpack would do the trick? AFAIK laptop cases sold as “hardshell” are still pretty flexible and could still squish the screen against the keyboard.


My thoughts would be a silicone or foam buffer that just sits between the keyboard and display. MacBook’s usually come with them.

I might grab a Framework matte screen protector from ViaScreens to get around this issue

I have a rubber keyboard cover on my macbook, I love it, but it does make a keyboard imprint on its display over time. I think it’s just dust or sweat that transfers from my keyboard protector to the screen since it looks brand new after I clean it.

I would love a hard carrying case for my future framework.

I use a Moft reversible ‘mousepad’ for covering the keyboard and preventing finger oil transfers on other machines and I’ll probably do the same with the Framework.

I use a cut up (to the size) 100% cotton t-shirt :slight_smile: It’s what I do with my current MacBook Pro, will do the same when I get the framework.

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I just noticed some pressure marks on my screen too. I wonder if this is common?

I recently started noticing this as well. I’m currently using the shipping sleeve that the laptop was shipped with to cover the keyboard when shut until I find a better solution. I’m hoping to find a screen protector that covers a majority of the screen or can be cut to size. Or just a thin mouse pad cover.

I am beginning to see the keyboard imprints on the screen as well; it began after about two weeks of usage. I’ve started to clean the keyboard frequently with a cloth and will see if that ameliorates the issue.

I’ve only bought two laptops so far (in the span of two decades, so no recently), and both came with a microfiber cloth to fit between the keyboard and the screen. Always used those cloths, and never saw any keyboard marks on the screens.

TBH, I find it kind of disappointing that the Framework laptop comes without it; or any other laptop, for that matter.

Hi there, after few weeks the same… lot of pressure marks on the screen. I am so carefully with it. Clean it thanks to microfiber everyday. How can i remove these marks ? It is really annoying