Screen to Keyboard Protection

I’ve used screen / keyboard protection from before my experience with the apple laptops. Now moving to this platform (1 12th Gen 13" and 1 13th Gen 13") I looked for another protection cloth to provide the same level of protection for the screen. offers custom ScreenSavrz. A size of [11.14 x 7.40 in / 28.3 x18.8 cm ] is perfect to protect the screen in the recessed area of the plastic borders and keep any oils / dirt from the keyboard off the screen. It also can be used with the proper cleaning spray as it’s lint free.

Thanks for the suggestion @Sidney_D_Mautte_III. That said, do folks tend to get keyboard marks on their display with the newer (stiffer) CNC top cover? The same question was asked in this thread, but never answered.

I have keyboard marks on the displays of my previous Thinkpads (T480 and T450s), but the Framework appears to have more clearance between the keyboard and display when closed, and a stiffer lid. I don’t have any marks after carrying my Framework in a backpack for a couple of weeks.

12th gen batch 2 with CNC lid and glossy display (default config), I occasionally get keyboard marks on the display.


Alternatively I can recommend the Allsop TravelSmart Notebook/Laptop Mousepad. It is ~1.6mm thick, has a soft microfiber surface and is easily cleaned.

I’ve been using one for 10.5 years on a 15.6" laptop with a glossy screen. Not a single keyboard mark in a decade of use. Though the mousepad doesn’t cover the entire width of my 15.6" laptop keyboard, it should be a near perfect size match for the entire input cover of the FL13.

I will have zero reservations moving mine to my B6 FL16.