Keyboard leaves marks on screen when lid closed

After closing the laptop for a while I noticed that there are marks on the screen from the keys touching the LCD panel. I’m not putting anything heavy on the lid when it’s closed - it’s just sitting on my desk. At the moment the marks are just from dust/dry sweat on the keys transferring to the screen and I can clean it off but I’m concerned that in the long term my screen will end up permanently marked due to the contact.

Surely the laptop design is intended to have a gap between the keys & lcd panel?

Is anyone else experiencing this? My FW16 is batch 3.

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I haven’t noticed this on my Framework, but I have noticed it on many laptops (Dell, HP, Razer, Lenovo) I’ve owned over the years. The effects have never been permanent, just a wipe with a cloth is enough to remove it. If it really bothers you though, you could add a bit of adhesive 1-2mm foam to the bezel.


The marks were pretty tough to get off the original glossy screen. Pic in the link below.

I upgraded to the matte screen, bought a microfiber cloth to put between the keyboard and screen, and haven’t had any issues since then. :crossed_fingers:


Nice idea - thanks!

HP provides some sort of cloth which is lying in between keyboard and display when you buy a new notebook.

I was missing this for the Framework 16 but haven’t had any key marks on my display. And I’m very finicky about this. :smiley:

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So what about it framework? Can we get a microfiber screen cleaner/mouse pad in the correct sizes for Framework 13 & 16 machines?

Something like this:

Maybe with a framework logo? Seems perfect for the merch store.

I’d buy one for $10 or $12


The microfiber pad will end up ‘coming soon’ like the caps.

As mentioned above, I have purchased the UpperCase Ghostblanket microfibre cloths (13"/14" or 15"/16" models) to seperate the keyboard and screen on all my laptops and Chromebooks. Marks are not usually an issue but the gap tolerance can be smaller on some units. Plus screen flex, as you stuff it in a bag or sleeve with a snug fit perhaps the screen bends just enough to make contact with the keyboard. I protect mine more because I have oily fingers just hate cleaning screens all the time.


I’ve bought the same cloth as Coro_Dedd here, pretty much a perfect fit, I’ll have to see how it holds up over time.

Good to know, that it fits. Mine is still in the shopping cart on Amazon, because my FW16 has yet to arrive :laughing:

Update on the Torro cloth, left a smudge on a white paper, definitively needs a wash before use but it should be machine washable

It seems that the cloth is not machine washable according to the Amazon description.

But I’m going for that one, too. I like how most of the notebook is covered. Maybe I’m going to iron it first though. :smiley:

Really? My amazon says it is in the description

Then I have to assume that some informations got lost in the automatic translation. I apologize for that. :frowning:

Well, the description on the german Amazon site says, your can rinse it under hot water. The product details below say it’s machine washable. I guess, if your washing machine has got a program for wool and silk, the cloth should survive. But if you want to be sure, pour some hot water on a sink with a drop of dish soap and hand wash it.

After taking a closer look at that thing I’m never going to throw it in the washing machine, the edges are just raw cloth densely woven but still no reinforcement at all.

I’ve seen other similar screen protector microfiber cloths say they are laser cut, advertising sealed edges due to that. You can seal the edges of synthetic fabrics by melting, I’ve done it with a lighter. So it’s entirely possible that the cloths are very finely sealed to prevent fraying just by the laser cutting.

My Torro Cloth arrived, too. But I thought, it would be a tad thicker and with a rubberized backside, I’m a bit disappointed.
Also the colour is rubbing off in its package already, you are good advised to wash it and do so with gloves on before leaving it in your laptop.

I think about sending it back and try the Hama 3-in-1 pad, though some reviews say, it might be too thick already. The size is a bit smaller, 34,5x22cm.

How much space is there between display and body, when the lid is closed? From pictures it seems, that the lid closes very flush. Maybe I have to keep the Torro cloth.

I use a sheet of A4 paper or the like. Bio degradable, throw-away, easy to come by, gratis - use an old piece of paper.

Alternatively use any piece of cotton from an old shirt etc.

When my Torro arrives I’m going to go all in and throw it in the washing machine. I’ll see what happens. :smiley: