Ax210 + 5g?

Is there now (that I cannot find) or is there likely to be in the future, an m.2-2230 e-key network card that has all the capabilities of the AX210, but with the addition of a 5G cellular modem and accompanying nano sim slot? I’m willing and able to test antenna placement for optimal signal and minimal interference, (and okay using an uncertified device) but I can’t find any info on the possibility of adding this functionality without using up an expansion card slot.

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You could do a 5G expansion card.

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Actually. that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. My ideal workflow revolves around a lot of ideas that are only able to be realized via framework, and my current skills mean 4 cards will prove to be a bottleneck, and since this is something that theoretically could be solved with an interior add on (again, only really feasible thanks to the framework philosophy), I’m hoping to be able to do it that way, but 5g is still new enough that I’m kinda in the dark without the knowledge of an industry insider. Probably looking in the wrong place, come to think of it.

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Odds are you won’t be able to have both unless framework adds another slot or you use a USB C with an external M.2 PCIe adapter.

If you have an unlimited data plan, who needs wifi??? :stuck_out_tongue:


its extremely unlikely that there will ever be a combined wlan and wwan card.