Back left usb-C not working correctly

Yesterday I received and put together my Framework 13 and everything was working great. I have an EGPU (GPD G1) and was using that with a usb-4 cable connected to the back left usb-C port. It was working as expected. It charged the device, used the graphics card in the G1, and saw every peripheral plugged into it. After a couple of reboots (I’m not quite sure) the back left usb-C does not work correctly with the G1. It doesn’t charge it anymore, but it sometimes sees the graphics card and sometimes does not. I also have the latest BIOS. The G1 does, however, work correctly with the back right usb-C port.

There is a bug around power handling for the FW13 AMD (if that is your version).

There has been an EC firmware update issued yesterday which is supposed to fix the problem: