Bad Email Address for Support/Order Info


I need some help with my order, the email address I used is apparently invalid for all the backend pieces of your system so I haven’t received any emails about my status and I was charged yesterday. I had to create a second account just to post this here, can someone help me change the email and re-send the confirmations?

Thanks in advance

Have you tried emailing for assistance?

Yes, but I think the emails were blocked on their end as spam (same reason I believe I never received emails from them originally).

Also to be clear I never received an email from framework after signing up besides the newsletter. This includes the welcome email, community account confirmation, order confirmation (from May on day 1) and pre-shipping confirmation

Hey @kdub, hopefully you are long past that issue by now. I had the same experience last week after I put a typo in my email address. Pretty quickly decided to cancel the first order and re-place it correctly. Interested to hear if you had any luck with a different solution?