[RESOLVED] Email issue when “Contacting” Support

Good evening,

I am sorry that I have to put this here. This is not some true anger but frustration. I would just really appreciate some type of answer. I have been trying to just get any response in regards to my RAM replacement. I was shipped a bad RAM that I luckily could resolve within my means but I would like a functional replacement. I have tried to “contact” support 4 times now since August about my product since delivery and my last message even included an alternate e-mail just in case there was a e-mail service conflict. Just looking for some assistance/direction, thanks. I’ll check be online between 0700-1530MST.

Have you received anything at all by email?
If you’ve never received any email in response then there is definitely an issue with the emails getting through, or the responses getting back to you. Just to be sure, you’ve checked your spam folders?

When was your last email, in which you included an alternate email?

Framework staff will probably come by and will be able to help.

Thanks for the reply!

I’d like to say sorry, but I’d like to say right now because I’m on mobile and the formatting could be off so forgive me.
I’m gonna answer these bullet point/ short if you don’t mind help desk style.

-I do receive typical newsletters on my email address I signed up with (proton mail) like the, “AMD Ryzen 7040 Series press reviews are live!”. Yet, never any response to my support requests.

-To give you an exact date it would be hard but to give you any true confirmation would require me to give you a “ticket number” which I lack. Every time I have submitted the first pop up is asking me if my question can be resolved through the knowledge-base, but less than two weeks is the best guess-timate I can give.

-When requesting any assistance I fill in the space of the support ticket with my protonmail address, however this last one I included my outlook address in case of the service conflict. It’s even spelt the same just addresses end differently after the “@“

-I have checked my junk/spam for both especially after my last message that outlook address was created roughly before it so I had maybe two standard “welcome e-mails” and an ad.

Lastly, I’ll add these two screenshots just from my protonmail showing a search of “framework” and “frame.work” within my boxes but no reply of my request but the newsletters come in no problem. I hope I don’t sound aggressive or combative or sorts I just really wanna make sure I’m cover all of my basis in case of my own error.

You don’t sound aggressive or combative to me. Don’t worry.

It’s ok, you don’t need to take screenshots.

One last question, did you use the same protonmail email address to sign up for this forum?

I only ask because if you did, Framework staff should be able to see your email, and then will probably be able to use that to check for support emails you sent.

Just to note, I am not Framework staff. I’m just a regular forum user, but I have seen Framework staff respond before to people having trouble contacting support by email. I expect Framework staff will definitely see this and look into it.

You aren’t the only person to have trouble with protonmail

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Hi @Maxx_Martinez,

We are getting your tickets and we’ve responded to each one. After digging in, however, it appears you typo’d your email address in the support form and entered “@protonamail.com” instead of the correct “@protonmail.com”. We also emailed the alternate address you provided, but didn’t get a response either. I’m merging the two accounts, deleting the incorrectly entered email, and resending our response to your tickets to the correct email address. Please confirm you are receiving the resent responses and one of our agents will be ready to assist.

Thank you.