No reply from support?

Hey, I’ve contacted support on march 19th concerning ‘aluminum spacer on FW16 is crooked’. One of the spacers next to the trackpad has the plastic base glued on wrong, and as a result it’s slightly elevated and has a sharp edge sticking out, making it uncomfortable to use the laptop. It’s a minor issue but still very annoying, especially at the price of this and the otherwise very nice computer which I absolutely love.

Point is I’m not getting a follow-up response. Got an immediate automated response on March 19th, and a personal response the next day (March 20th). I replied immediately, with photo’s, and haven’t heard anything since, albeit mailing several times after (april 7th, 16th and today). No Framework mail in my spam filter, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. What is going wrong here?

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Are you using a standard email provider and can you confirm that and are whitelisted?

I am using a private mail server on my own domain. It has a spam filter that I have full access to, and I haven’t found any Framework mails there ever.

As I mentioned I did get an initial reply, but none after. But just to make sure no Framework mail goes to the spam quarantine I’ve whitelisted (just now) the addresses mentioned.

Most likely, Framework isn’t receiving your outgoing mail. This is often due to low sender reputation or misconfiguration (usually with DKIM, DMARC or SPF), both of which are extremely common with self-hosted email servers. I would strongly advise that you use a mainstream email provider to contact support to avoid these issues, even if it’s an account that you create solely for that purpose.

I think you may be right in that it is likely Framework does not receive my mail. But my outgoing mail does go out, I can assure you. It is a private mail server, but far from self hosted: it is professionally hosted and has had zero issues so far: in the past 14 years, not a single mail of mine did not arrive. And I do send quite some mails.

So it seems more likely Framework has a malfunctioning mailserver and directs my mails to their spamfolder. I’ve checked everything multiple times on my end, so hopefully now they can check on theirs?

Others have had problems with Framework receiving their emails from private mail servers. Regardless of where the fault lies in the exchange, using a mainstream email provider would be an easy fix for you.

I’m trying not to laugh out loud here. If others have had problems with Framework receiving their emails, doesn’t that underline where the problem most likely is: at Framework’s end? IF this is the case, it should in the very least warrant that Framework do some research into this, wouldn’t you say?

That being said: I’ve just received a message back - the last attempt (mailing from the same client, server and email address) to Framework about my support request has come through. It seems posting here may have made the odds of my mail arriving (something that has never been a problem with any other recipient before) at Framework in my favor. Lucky me. Hopefully it stays that way, I don’t want to spam the forum to have their server accept my mails :wink:

Companies don’t generally change their systems for one or two people. And they may have their settings as they do for a reason. But good that you got through.

I remember indications for more than one or two in this community, and had been affected myself. I was using an account from a major mail provider from the beginning, finally sorted it by switching to a different one. Had to log several new issues on Framework web site first as the only way to pass information privately, then discussing with @TheTwistgibber here in public.

Until then I was feeling quite the way @James_Flowermountain sounds, feeling politely blamed of being unresponsive (untrue and frustrating) and politely being pointed to my spam filter (unhelpful and frustrating), getting doubts whether my issue could ever be addressed.

This is so unnecessary! Once communication was established, Framework support was excellent!


Using the forums has nothing to do with email deliverability. They’re completely separate systems, so there is no technical link, and the Framework team hasn’t taken any manual action since it’s the weekend. I’m not sure what happened, but it was not because you posted on the forums. My guess would be that the upstream provider for Framework’s helpdesk software made changes to their spam filtering threshold or you were in queue for an escalation tier with a long backlog. Glad to hear you’ve gotten a response though! Your feedback has been passed along to the Framework team so they can investigate.

I’m glad my feedback has been passed along. Hopefully I get through on the mail end and even more hopefully they find a glitch or faulty setting causing multiple peoples mail not being delevired properly.

Lastly, I have a request to the forum. Naturally I am fully aware that there is no tech link between my posts here and mail arriving. Hence the emoji. Please stop treating folks like me as completely incapable of getting things right, so that the problem must be on our end. I thank Michael for acknowledging this is what happens. I’m 54 and head of a large unit in IT policy and design, I know what I am doing - and the people that work for me too. And I make an occasional joke about how the forum helps my mail to arrive. Assumung the tech-savvy folks here would get that it is a joke. I’m sorry if that joke offended anyone or gave the wrong impression.

Thanks for letting us know James, looks like we were able to receive your email on April 27 and the support team replied to that.

Thanks. Have you also received my response that I’ve sent April 28?

Sorry, I said April 27 (US time) but I think it’s April 28 in Europe. I only see one email from you in April in this thread.