Batch 3 - Intel 12th Gen - Guild

Hi all,
Similar to the Batch 1 and Batch 2 Intel 12th gen guilds, here is a topic for the Batch 3 pre-orders.

I ordered an i5 DIY version today. I already have a 32gb DDR4 Crucial kit (2x 16) and a 2TB Samsung SN850 from Amazon Prime Day.

I’m planning on running Fedora 36 (coming from Manjaro xfce). This will be my first new laptop purchase since 2010. My current laptop is a 12 year old Lenovo x220 ThinkPad and before that I used a well-loved 2009 MacBook Pro.

I can’t wait to get my Framework!


Just ordered my first Framework laptop and I’m really excited about this whole concept.

Looking forward to working with this community and supporting the company.
I’m taking it a bit easy on the specs side since I was actually looking for a Ryzen system and would like to go all-in once that becomes possible.

I’m currently working on a 2014 MacBook pro, but it’s keyboard is starting to fail and the top layer of the screen is somehow starting to show spots that can’t be cleaned off. Looking forward to use and show the Framework to my friends and family.

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I also just placed the order for the i5-1240p DIY. Going to be throwing a 1TB Gen 4 NVME and looking at the Kingston Fury 32GB (2x16) CL20 Kit.

I was trying to see if anyone from the Batch 1 and Batch 2 guilds have already tried that RAM and reported any issues.

If anyone from this thread has those please let me know your feedback.

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I have ordered my first Framework laptop and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!
My worry is that current China issue will make not happen…

Somewhere there is recommanded ram I think.

If you find it can you send it to me please?

It’s right there on the support pages: What memory (DRAM) parts are compatible with the Framework Laptop?

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Yeah I am going to order my Framework soon. Going for an i5-1240, 16GB ram, and 500GB storage. I will upgrade the storage if need be. I have been doing a bit of research for about a week and already have projects planned out for when I get my Framework. Going to make some of the expansion card projects that I have found through the community page.

I have order my second framework hope it will be shipped soon :slight_smile:
The 11 gen i gonna give it to someone and gonna stay with the 12 gen
i love my laptop the only downside it’s still the battery hope it’s better

Every single test on intel 12th gen reports lower battery than 11th gen. New linux kernel seems to give 20% battery improvements in the early testings. Which would put it at the same level as 11th gen in the end.

Curious what people do with 32GB of RAM ? Several persons order this amount.
Also I don t see the use case x) Even video game would be around 16GB. A PS5 with a massive GPU uses 16GB.

Coding: Running on Win11, having Visual Studio + a few browser tabs + a single Win11 VM (with a reasonable amount of ram) running you are easily filling the 16GB =(

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virtual machines eat it real quick. so can compiling large programs. Also sandbox video games can use a lot too.

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If I don’t play video games and optimize my computer settings for performance that the battery would be better?

Nowadays Browser + Slack + Docker easy took 16GB.

Does anyone know of a good docking station?

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I just ordered a 12th gen i5 as well! I was planning on using my free to me XPS (2017 vintage) until it died but the hinge broke so I had an excuse to replace.
I will purchase my own RAM, SSD, and WiFi card. Kinda wanted an AMD but I’d rather support Framework than purchase one of the few 6000 series Ryzen laptops on the market. I am not afraid to attempt a fix of almost anything myself and Frameworks’ R2R ethos is worth supporting.


Placed a deposit on i7 14 core model! Held out for 12th gen and have been getting by with a 10 year old Alienware R3. Really excited to test the limits of the newer XE graphics and performance cores over 4th gen intel for workflow and casual gaming.

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Ordered on Tuesday, 16th August - Batch 3 shipping in September according to the website.
Recieved the following email afterwards, stating the shipping will take place in early march.
I’m confused. Anyone got a similar email?


That sounds like a mistake. The first email regarding your shipping should arrive at the start of September, saying that your batch is being prepared. There is no way a Batch 3 laptop is already in preparation for shipment, especially not one from Februrary/March :smiley:

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