Best gpu with razer core x and amd fw13

Hi everyone.
I’ve an egpu (razer core x) at home. I want to buy a gpu to use with my fw13 amd. I was looking to buy an radeon 7800xt but I read many posts on the web from people who have problems with radeon gpu and amd cpu with igpu (probably due to drivers conflicts)

I will probably use it with windows 11.
What is your experiences with amd radeon gpu and the fw13 ? Should I buy a nvidia gpu to be sure ?

Do you have any recommendations for someone who want to play at 1440p ? Casual gamer here.

Btw sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

I’ve got a AMD Ryzen 5 7640U fw13 along with a Razer Core X Chroma that I’ll be testing out once my RAM arrives for the Framework next week.

I’ll be pairing it with a Radeon RX 6800 XT, so I can let you know how it goes.

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Thanks! Really appreciate

Late response but I have my computer paired with an old NVIDIA GTX 2070 Super in a Razer Core X.

It works fine, though I’m really starting to feel the limitations of Thunderbolt 3 in some applications, like with some games not running really well due to Thunderbolt only allowing 4 lanes of PCIe for bandwidth. It’s bad enough that some games run better on the integrated 780m.

eGPUs are kinda of a compromise solution, unfortunately, so I don’t plan on replacing my 2070 Super if it dies, just not really worth it for the very limited performance gains I see. Maybe I’ll just commit to a full desktop build in the future.

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Late reply too, I have paired my amd fw13 (7640) with a 6800xt. After a reinstall of the driver with the gpu connected it’s been working like a charm (on native resolution without fsr, cranked settings, it is pushing 60fps for the most part in RDR2).