Bezel outer layer, rough spots

Hello I have my laptop for almost a year now and when it came to my doorstep, it had a rough spot in the middle of the bezel on top of the camera.

Can be seen here

It didn’t really bother me that much but now I also have it on the upper right side of the bezel.

The outer layer of the bezel feels soft to the touch and I assume it’s there to make the laptop screen absorb the shock of closing the lid. Is this normal wear and tear on a laptop? Thanks!

Took me a while to remove the dust to get half decent images.

I’ve had this for ten months and use it every day on and off for about 6 hours. probably 4 or 5 times minimum a day, so have opened and closed the lid, to hibernate some 1200 to 1500 times or more.

Here are the images, all seems fine.

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If you try to scratch the outer ring of the bezel, does it get easily mangled?

I’ve no idea and isn’t something I’m going to try ~

@Linen Do you open the laptop from that side of the screen with your right hand? Those look like fingernail gouges. The material is somewhat soft, so some sharp edges on your nails could potentially cause that over time. We don’t have any known quality issues reported to cause what you’ve shown here.


Now that I think about it, yeah my fingernails are quite sharp and I often use them to open the laptop lol.


Mystery solved! :slight_smile:

If it is bothering you, a friendly reminder that we have two additional color options for bezels in the Marketplace if they tickle your fancy.

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A whole new area of materials design: Fingernail-proof bezel edging…