[SOLVED] Need instructions for updating BIOS

My laptop will only turn on if the power is connected. I initiated a case but the response from framework linked me to instructions that were difficult for me to decipher. Searching the forums led to unintelligible or outdated responses. Before I crack the case and pull the battery I would like to update the BIOS from3.10 to 3.17 as suggested. I cannot find instructions on how to do this. Please help.

Did you followed the instructions here? 11th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.17 Beta

If you system won’t power on without pluggin in you might have a flat RTC battery, this is a know issue with the 11th gen laptops, some background:

If you still have problems can you provide more information on what they are, such as what instructions were given by support, where it got confusing etc.

Assuming you are on Windows I think you need only run the .exe to update while being plugged into power.

Yeap! It’s that easy :slight_smile:
It takes a while and there is no fan control whilst it updates.

If you still have issues starting after that, let us know

All the best

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There is only a download link for the file. No instructions for using that file. Apparently I posted this to a Linux thread. I’m Win11so I will repost in the proper area.
Thank you for your help.

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Not to worry, the solution is simply to run the downloaded file by double clicking it with the mouse cursor.

Edit I will ask the mods to move to the right section.

It has been moved, TY.

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Sorted. Thank you all for your help.

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