BIOS Update

Good afternoon,
I was wandering if there was any view on the bios update that being tested.
How is it looking, has it had any red flags on it?


Whichever BIOS update you are referring to, I suggest you read the thread dedicated to it.

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There was a BIOS update for the FW16 to fix 2230 SSD recognition as sometimes the system would boot, but the 2230 SSD wouldn’t be seen.

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It hasn’t been released yet.

From the 8th update email:

Secondary SSD may disappear - AMD has provided us with the necessary BIOS fix, which we’re now testing as part of an overall Framework Laptop 16 BIOS update. Our initial testing on it is positive. Once this BIOS is ready, we’ll share it into the Community first as a Beta release before the final release.


Yeah thats the last I saw, I need to make my SSD purchase soon as my batch is being prepared.
I ideally want to use the 2230 as the OS and then use the 2280 later as the library drive for the higher speeds.

I just want to avoid gambling and make an informed choice if possible


Same here. I want the 2230 as an OS (/) drive and the 2280 as users (/home) drive. It makes installations easier and I don’t have to worry about losing my files during reinstalls, formats, etc.

I’m using the 2230 as my boot drive, with 2280 as library drive. I’ve never had the 2230 drive disconnect, but I have had the 2280 drive disconnect when resuming from sleep, and then reconnect after several sleep cycles. A reboot also reconnects the drive.

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That makes me feel slightly confident about just going 2230 for now and adding the 2280 later
Thank you for sharing